NLign 6.2.0 Software Release

NLign release that added: 3D Mouse Support (3DConnexion brand) Ability to draw on Model Ability to create Named Regions Ability to create Stored Views Allowing Trendable Location field is now

NLign 6.1.0 Software Release

NLign release that added:IGES Assembly Support Adding support for reading the assembly information from STEP and IGES files. Instead of the model being displayed as a single model, it will

GE Starts Testing GE9X Fan Blades, Compressor

GE Aviation started testing its fourth-generation composite fan blades for the new GE9X turbofan, the company announced last week. Chosen to power the Boeing 777X, the 100,000-pound-thrust-class engine promises a

NLign 6.0.0 Software Release

Nlign release which included: 64-bit support Asset Based User Security Improved Serial Number Selection Digital Camera Administration Reference Points Asset Folder Structure Improved Color Preset Public and Private Filters and

What’s Hot in Manufacturing Technology

The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership offers one glimpse into the future. The group, created by President Obama, has identified 11 areas of technology that it believes will play a crucial role

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