NCheck provides the ability to easily document inspection findings and tie them to 3D locations. It can be used in both manufacturing and maintenance applications.

Captures accurate 3D data in the field and
transfers to engineering in real-time.

Documented findings are automatically stored in the central NThread™ database for use by quality and engineering departments. A configurable task management feature allows users to view information concerning their assigned tasks. NCheck has the ability to link to detailed work instructions associated with specific tasks.

Reliable & Configurable​

  • Network connectivity is not required – NCheck will save findings locally until network is available
  • NCheck is easily configurable
  • NCheck allows users to capture Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) data

Features & Benefits

Reduces Time to Document Inspection Findings

NCheck reduces time required to document findings.It accomplishes this by auto-populating standard fields, providing a structured data capture customized to each defect type (crack, corrosion, etc.), and supplying multiple means of accurately determining the location of the defect.

Provides Inspector with Single Source for Information

Currently, inspectors must access multiple systems to get all information required to perform an inspection. Typically, they must access one system to get a work card, another to access the detailed inspection procedure, and a third to document their findings. NCheck consolidates information from all of these sources into one convenient interface, drastically reducing the time required to perform the inspection tasks.

Provides Immediate Feedback to Engineering

NCheck can be configured to automatically e-mail
engineering departments when an inspection finding is documented. This enables a near real-time interaction between inspectors and engineers.

Data Reuse & Part State Awareness

NCheck builds a searchable database of previous
dispositions that can be directly reused by engineering,
eliminating the need to redo analysis.

Reduces Rejection and Reinspect Rates

NCheck accelerates the disposition process by reducing the back-and-forth between quality and engineering departments caused by inaccurate/incomplete documentation.

System Requirements

Requires any Windows 7 machine or later.
Supports touchscreen data input if available
Support Services