Faster, more informed, proactive aircraft sustainment and MRO decisions with 3-D data you can trust and understand.

Are you frustrated with grounded aircraft? Are your customers’ missions and flights being delayed or canceled? NLign can help.

NLign Enhances Maintenance Data for Higher Quality, More Complete Engineering Analysis

NLign’s suite of tools provides an immersive 3D environment for all aircraft sustainment applications. On US Naval Aircraft, NLign has cut critical maintenance process time by over 70%.
Specifically, fleet management improves as NLign products’ real-time 3D communication:

  • Accelerates the rate of inspection data capture
  • Enables engineers to perform fleet data analytics, and quickly search and find analysis results
  • Provides accurate understanding and detailed condition of each aircraft
  • Identifies fleet-wide issues

NLign Analytics enjoys a long history as an aerospace technology pioneer. Originally developed in collaboration with the US Air Force and Navy to improve their aircraft availability, NLign software tools are now used on both military and commercial aircraft. The US Department of Defense recently recognized NLign as part of their 2018 Digital Engineering Strategy.

The NLign Product Suite 7.0 release introduces a new environment that connects the Digital Thread from operations to engineering. Digital Artifacts created with NDI technology, photos, tablets, kiosks or workstations show up real time—mapped onto 3D models in the engineering environment. With our NCheck tablet software, operations can view live 3D images, dispositions and analysis results.
  • Improve fleet readiness by ensuring accurate digital artifacts are captured
  • Help ensure overall aircraft safety by digitizing defects, discrepancies and repairs
  • Drive down costs by enabling engineers to accelerate decisions—while increasing reliability

Proven Software Tools Solve Aircraft Sustainment Challenges

Aircraft maintenance is a demanding, high-pressure environment. Our software tools demonstrate proven results and resolve multiple issues. Those in sustainment roles face multiple challenges, concerns and problems.
Sustainment Role Role Challenges, Concerns and Problems
SPO Manager – Operator (ACC, AMD, Delta, etc.) Aircraft safety and availability. Cost.
Depot Manager Missed delivery schedule and quality goal. Over cost.
Quality Manager Delivery of safe aircraft. Concern of undetected defect.
Depot Planning Late finds in repair. Long lead-time for parts manufacture.
SPO and Quality Engineers Delays in receiving data; poor and inadequate data quality.
Mechanics, Inspectors Time consuming to document work/findings. Difficult-to-use computer programs. Poor/delayed communication with engineering department.

Regardless of your role and specific set of challenges, NLign’s Product Suite advances sustainment data capture, collection and communication.

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