NLign 6.0.0 Software Release

Nlign release which included:

  • 64-bit support
  • Asset Based User Security
  • Improved Serial Number Selection
  • Digital Camera Administration
  • Reference Points
  • Asset Folder Structure
  • Improved Color Preset
  • Public and Private Filters and Reports
  • Trending Custom Fields
  • Updated Menu Structure

Other Enhancements including:

  • Enhanced Support for IGES Wireframes (Spline and Arcs).
  • Improved consistency of icons, tables and menu items across the entire application.
  • Ability to move and hide columns in most NLign table controls using the right click context menu or dedicated column selection dialog.
  • Trendable Cluster Configuration.
  • Model Optimization for better model performance in NLign.
  • The ability to change X, Y, and Z coordinates on individual trendables.
  • In damage mapping, photographs are now session attachments rather than file attachments.
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