Other Solutions

NLign serves several industries, including automotive, wind energy, petrochemicals, infrastructure maintenance, and industrial applications.


Visionary manufacturers like BMW and Volkswagen are already designing autos that take advantage of ultralight carbon composites, and more are expected to follow as the cost of materials declines. NLign software offers a valuable tool to boost first pass yield, reduce scrap, and enable high-volume manufacturing.

Wind Energy

As manufacturers approach the limits of existing fiberglass technologies, carbon composites offer the prospect of thinner, lighter, and more energy efficient turbine blades. Streamlined maintenance and inspections of turbines already in service are among the additional benefits NLign can provide.


Bringing down a refinery or drilling platform is a huge expense—one that can be minimized by using NLign tools to track corrosion, rust, and other potential problems. Trending analysis could easily mean the difference between routine maintenance and an emergency shutdown.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Aging bridges, pipelines, and other large infrastructure components can create large-scale hazards when they fail. Maintaining detailed data using NLign software helps identify potential problems before they reach crisis levels, saving time, money, and lives.

Industrial Applications

From the pipes in nuclear and coal-fired power plants to compressed natural gas tanks for tomorrow’s vehicles, NLign Analytics software offers continual efficiency and performance improvements for any safety-critical industrial application.

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