NLign 6.2.0 Software Release

NLign release that added:

  • 3D Mouse Support (3DConnexion brand)
  • Ability to draw on Model
  • Ability to create Named Regions
  • Ability to create Stored Views
  • Allowing Trendable Location field is now Optional instead of Required
  • Providing Asset Level Trendables (No Session or Serial entity required)
  • Allow assignment of Trendable Location From Region Shape
  • Allow assignment of Trendable Location can be Manually Keyed During Creation
  • Tracking Last Login Time Tracking
  • Support for Massive Model Assemblies with SmartMemoryManager
  • Better STEP Assembly Support
  • Updated Default Model and Wireframe Color
  • Adding Trendable Type System
  • Allowing Trendable Field Ordering
  • Sorted Field Selection on Filter Widget
  • Adding a List Field Type
  • Intuitive Multi-select Lists
  • Allowing Nullable Numerics
  • Removal of inherent fields (Size, Depth, Component, Name)
  • Improved startup and shutdown performance
  • Layers tab added to all Damage Mapping Wizard pages with 3D views
  • Redesigned and Improved NLignConfigurator
  • Filter control added to more List Dialogs
  • All Charts are now Displayed within the Application instead of a Web Browser
  • Relative path support for CSV import
  • Export file attachments for CSV export
  • Added support for NASTRAN CORD2R BDF cards that utilize the default coordinate system.
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