NThread links as-manufactured data with as maintained data providing a complete digital thread for the aerospace sustainment phase of a product’s lifecycle.

Creates digital thread for
each aircraft and fleet.

Organizations working toward Model Based Enterprise (MBE) practices are adopting the software as a core technology that supplies the central fiber of the Digital Thread. It creates a central, secure and scalable location to store 3D data and interface with enterprise systems. NThread supplies a detailed description of part/aircraft history to deliver the right information to the right place at the right time.


NThread provides the framework for a digital thread of product lifecycle information between design, manufacturing, quality and maintenance systems, departments and organizations. Additional benefits include:

  • Promotes connectivity and an integrated view of product lifecycle data across traditionally siloed functions
  • Stores the detailed information required to optimize manufacturing and maintenance processes
  • Provides a detailed description of part/aircraft history from manufacture through maintenance
  • Provides a centralized, scalable, and secure 3D data storage infrastructure



Integration with select PLM systems and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) products, a middleware for communicating between compatible software applications.

Store Spatial Data

Optimized data archive for vast quantities of spatial data and tuned to provide robust interactive environment support.

System Requirements

  • Can be setup in either a Windows, Unix or Linux environment.
  • The application server requires a middleware software (WebSphere, Weblogic/Oracle Application server, or NLign’s internal package)
  • The database can be either MS SQL Server or Oracle
  • The File Store can be SAN, NAS or local storage
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