NLign Analytics “Structural Lifecycle Digital Environment” Enables Model-Driven Product Quality

CIMdata Commentary

Key takeaways:

  • The U.S. Department of Defense announced a new Digital Engineering Strategy
    in June 2018 that dictates 5 key pillars in transitioning the U.S. defense industry
    from document centric engineering processes to digital, model driven processes
    for the design, development, manufacturing and on-going use and sustainment
    of complex weapons systems. The DoD estimates that over $256B is spent
    annually in U.S. military system sustainment operations.
  • NLign Analytics is providing mission-critical 3D digital model technologies to the
    DoD in support of this Digital Engineering directive to optimize product quality,
    minimize critical military asset downtime, and reduce total lifecycle costs.
  • NLign Analytics customers are seeing up to 33% improvement in the structural
    integrity review process time as well as improvements in aircraft structural
    integrity data quality from 15% to 95% usable for decision making without relying
    solely on experience based knowledge and “best guess” assumptions.
  • NLign Analytics creates a robust 3D “Structural Lifecycle Digital Environment” for
    each weapon system, tracing structural integrity data from manufacturing through
    quality inspection and sustainment. This is accomplished by capturing
    operational in-service data, analyzing and visually displaying all 3D nonconformances,
    structural damage, and failure areas. This 3D visual information
    enables engineers to identify potential repairs and rework for each individual
    asset as well as across a family or fleet of similar systems.
  • NLign Analytics technology is available in an easy-to-implement engineering
    desktop environment as well as a mobile tablet environment for part quality data
    analysis and 3D model interactive viewing throughout the virtual enterprise. It is
    being used on the manufacturing floor and in aircraft repair depots as well as by
    aerospace and defense supply chain partners.
  • NLign Analytics technology can also work in combination with many existing
    commercial tools from the major PLM, ERP, MRO, and MES solution providers
    and/or legacy in-house developed custom software tools for non-destructive
    inspection and structural quality assessment.