NLign Software Suite for Data Capture and Fleet Management –

Presented by Christopher O’ Connell (Senior Software Engineer) – NLign Analytics 

NLign Analytics again had the excellent opportunity to speak to a great gathering of our peers at the Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP) Conference this year.

This conference is “specifically designed to bring together the world leaders in the area of aircraft structural integrity and to disseminate information on state-of-the-art technologies for aircraft structures in both the military and civilian fleets. “

“ASIP 2022 will continue to provide a forum for the technical interchange of information between personnel responsible for structural integrity, including design, analysis, testing, manufacture, certification, non-destructive evaluation/inspection, maintenance, repair, safety, risk assessment and mitigation, durability, and life management. This interchange helps provide the communication necessary to ensure that each community is aware of each other’s capabilities and needs.”

Our presentation focused on integrating digital data capture solutions for structural inspection and maintenance operations using real-world examples from the US Air Force. The NCheck data capture solution is designed to help improve the quality of data collected while also increasing the throughput of a given operation. NCheck also relays all collected data to the NLign application for storage and analysis. This results in a decreased time spent by inspectors and maintainers documenting defects and increases data availability, thus enhancing the communication capabilities within a depot or field environment. It also shortens the length of time required for a disposition turnaround. One of the recent developments in the NLign software to aid in the speed of the data collection process is the Task setup.  To find out more, watch the recording of our presentation below or click the link to download the slides!  

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