NLign 6.6.0 Software Release

NLign release that added:

Damage Mapping

  • Allowing mapping of images that do not contain camera information (use of these types of images requires the need of at least 6 points).

Layers TabAbility to create multiple layers tabs.

  • Ability to define what part of layers tree appear in each layers tab.
  • Ability to name each layers tab.
  • Ability to search layers tab (forward and back). Search scope is constrained to within the tab the search was initiated.
  • Models no longer automatically appear with both the surface and wireframe displaying.

Excel Export

  • Allowing users to define an Excel template that can be used to automatically generate Excel documents populated with data from NLign.  Works similar to the existing Reporting feature where via a template, the user can specify filters, columns, images, etc.


  • New parameters and supported values.


  • Support for user-defined layers hierarchy and colors for FEM models.
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