NLign Analytics Wins Air Force Contract to Improve Inspection Data Capture

Etegent’s goal is to improve the process of NDI data capture by first improving the existing pen and paper process while at the same time laying the foundation for digital entry and analysis. We will first document the current process and learn where optimizations can be made. We will then use that knowledge to improve the format and content of the existing data capture forms. This will involve pre-populating the static data on the forms such as inspector name, tail number, building, inspection type, etc and printing these pre-populated forms on demand from Etegent’s NLign system, which is already approved for and deployed onto the Air Force network (NIPRNet). Next, we will demonstrate digital inspection data entry at the point of maintenance with the ICARR-3D tablet computer software developed by Mercer Engineering Research Center (MERC). The inspection results will be stored in Etegent’s NLign software package for analysis, visualization, engineering collaboration, and trending.

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