NLign Analytics Delivers Advanced Data Mapping with NLign™ 6.10 – Latest software release offers improved support for the Aerospace & Defense industry MRB workflow

CINCINNATI, OH; JULY 23 2018 – NLign Analytics, the leader in digitizing inspection, maintenance and manufacturing data solutions, announces the release of NLign version 6.10.  Focused on advanced support for the Aerospace & Defense industry MRB workflow, this latest release contains a number of key enhancements including improvements to the NLign patented photographic damage mapping for improved accuracy and ease-of-use.  Added enhancements in the trendable window make it easier to obtain structured data that describes damage capture with the photo mapping tool.  This newest version also contains improvement to the built-in charting analysis tools allowing users to quickly detect recurring MRB defects and focus process improvement efforts on the most pressing problems.

NLign performs advanced root cause analysis allowing critical maintenance/design issues to be quickly identified, quantified and addressed. The software employs an intuitive 3D environment allowing users to effectively collect, manage, reduce, and leverage even large amounts of diverse test data.  

NLign 6.10 enhancements include:


  • New date-based chart, Multi Category Bar, that supports dates.

Create/View Trendable Window

  • View and navigate from the parent to child trendables from the Trendable Detail Window via a new Connections tab. This tab displays children of selected trendable.
  • Clear Annotation button added to remove annotations from displayed model(s).
  • Ability for user to choose to launch Photo Mapping or Damage Mapping wizard from the Trendable Detail window using attachment currently displayed in the side-by-side view in the window.

CSV Update

  • Ability to Add or Replace file attachments via CSV update.

Damage Mapping/Photo Mapping

  • Ability to see image and model reference features on the Aligned page of damage mapping. Allows user to see which reference features may require adjustment to improve mapping.
  • Added measuring tool to damage mapping.
  • Damage Mapping automatically saves screenshot of the image/model overlay when photo mapped trendable is saved.
  • Added button to Damage Mapping to rotate the image 90 degrees to accelerate feature mapping.


  • Ability to multi-select items in a list using <Shift><Click>. After multi-selecting, the user can use space bar to toggle the state of the checkboxes.
  • Numbers in the Select Items Filter window now in numerical order instead of being handled as strings.

Stored Views

  • Improvements to Stored View window make it harder to accidently save changes when viewing Stored View details.


  • Selected icons relocated from main toolbar to View window toolbar including: Toggle Ground Plane, Display FEM Element Info, and Measure Distance.
  • Updated several icons throughout application for cleaner look.
  • Ability to simultaneously run multiple installs of NLign.
  • Asset type now visible in Trendable List window.


  • Ability to hide list values. This allows the administrator to prevent certain list values from being displayed and used in new records while maintaining in old records.
  • Cleanup icon added allowing administrators to remove items from a list not referenced by trendables.
  • Ability to create description for sets of fields when appearing in the Trendable Create/Edit window.
  • Ability to create validation pattern for list values allows for complex patterns, but also simple patterns such as all numeric or all alpha.
  • Ability to control the number of significant digits of decimal values, including coordinates, throughout NLign.

NLign Analytics CEO, Tom Sharp comments:

“Today’s manufacturing and maintenance processes are providing engineers and designers with vast amounts of real-world data. But such data is only useful if it can be collected and organized in an appropriate manner. Nlign’s ability to align this data to CAD models and visualize in a 3D environment allows our customers to realize measurable improvements in multiple engineering processes. Our customers already have the most sophisticated data mapping application in the market; and this newest release further demonstrates our on-going commitment to providing practical solutions to our current and future customers.”


About NLign Analytics

NLign Analytics provides unique, patented software-based solutions used in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft to capture, organize and visualize detailed structural inspection and repair data.  The NLign software solution is currently used in aerospace manufacturing applications to improve first-pass yield and increase manufacturing rate.  In addition, NLign is used within the US Air Force and US Navy to improve structural maintenance processes to reduce costs and improve aircraft availability. The NLign interactive 3D environment has proven to drive improvements throughout an organization, including improving inspection processes, quality engineering analysis, and material review board processes.  NLign Analytics is a division of Etegent Technologies Ltd., a privately held company with offices in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. 

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