NLign Analytics at 2021 ASIP Conference

NLign Enterprise Digital Twin System for Prognostics and Fleet Planning

Presented by Eugene Oliphant – ASIP Conference December 2, 2021

Structure organizations manage lots of data to gain insight into the fleet. This has generally been time-consuming and error-prone through tools such as Excel spreadsheets and unstructured network drives. Aggregating data using non-integrated processes is difficult. Especially when it is repeated for each situation. The lack of integrated tools limits data sharing, automation with legacy systems, and lack of real-time analytical results.

This presentation will discuss the development of a standardized enterprise system focused on supporting fleet structural needs with tailored dashboards. These dashboards or workspaces organize key results, data, and graphs to support the engineer. The dashboards can help with aggregating fleet statistics and requirements for specific aircraft, or for developing trending analysis on serialized parts. These dashboards and prognostic tools empower engineers with information to efficiently manage the fleet, see underlying trends, and proactively plan. Case studies will be presented to highlight current processes and the new prognostics dashboards.

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