NLign 5.7.0 Software Release

NLign release which included:

  • NLign Configuration Tool
    • Replacement for the Scan Manager application.
    • Allows the user to configure the NLignMonitor Organization process through a visual interface.
    • Visual configuration of file patterns, alignment methods and data groups.
    • Session Template editing for renaming and adding new data groups.
    • Improved feedback in the NLignMonitor.
  • Live Charts
    • A new live chart view window allows users to report data live in the NLign interface.
    • Reports can now be created and saved for reuse or loaded in a live chart view window.
    • Live charts will be automatically updated based on trending results and optionally can use just selected trendables to generate the report.
    • Multiple live chart windows can be opened to view different reports simultaneously.
  • Administrative File Management
    • NLign now supports deleting non-essential files via Purge Session Files to recover storage space.
    • Single scans can be deleted and reprocessed by the NLignMonitor organization process.
    • Validation results can now be exported from NLign.
    • An export tool has been added to the NLignMonitor to allow export of all files associated with a session.
  • Improved Rescan and Subscan support
    • Selecting a scan will now open the Data Item Details dialog with all files associated with that scan.
    • Rescan and subscan files can be viewed or downloaded using the Data Item Details dialog.
  • Data Item Details Enhancements
    • Added a file type column.
    • Added column to show whether the item has already been used for damage mapping.
    • Added sorting of Data Item Details list items.
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