Digitize the MRB Process – NLign Analytics at RealizeLive 2023

Presented by Robin Steyer (Software Engineer) – NLign Analytics 

Last week, NLign Analytics had the excellent opportunity to engage with the wider digital transformation community at the Siemens RealizeLive event.

This conference promises  “Throughout the combined power of Siemens Software and our community of innovators, we’ll prepare you to be the change that future-proofs your organization creates a new paradigm for your industry and even revolutionize our world.”

Our presentation focused on the challenges of the current Material Review Board (MRB) processes and introduces NLign Analytics as a solution.

NLign Analytics brings several benefits, including complete and accurate 3D documentation, reduced discrepancies and MRB actions, improved decision-making on the shop floor, and reduced reliance on expert knowledge. It also provides a Digital Twin for each aircraft, allowing for comprehensive record-keeping, predictive maintenance, and process optimization. The Digital Twin’s structured data facilitates proactive maintenance, simulations, and predictions, minimizing unexpected downtime and enabling data-driven decisions. NLign Analytics significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of MRB processes.

To find out more, watch the  presentation below! 

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