NLign Product Suite

NLign completes the Digital Thread and delivers timely information to the right people.

NLign completes the Digital Thread for aerospace and delivers timely information to the right people.

NLign completes the Digital Thread for aerospace applications. It captures and organizes detailed inspection, rework and repair data that documents the uniqueness of each part. Currently, multiple steps within manufacturing and sustainment processes capture this detailed data only on paper, in free-form text descriptions, or not at all. In aerospace applications, each part’s uniqueness is critical to understanding the performance, safety and maintenance requirements of the resulting aircraft.


Authoritative source of truth


Spatially locate aircraft data


3D Models for optimal decisions


Collaborative data environment


NLign is the analysis tool within the NLign Analytics Platform. NLign provides an interactive 3D environment to analyze both manufacturing and maintenance data. This intuitive 3D environment enables the user to quickly detect and quantify issues like recurring cracks or increasing wear, and then aids in root cause analysis efforts to identify the source of the problem. In addition, NLign enables users to quickly find information that is relevant to a specific troublesome location on a structure such as, previous repairs and analysis.


NCheck provides the ability to easily document inspection findings and tie them to 3D locations. It can be used in both manufacturing and maintenance applications. Documented findings are automatically stored in the central NThread database for use by quality and engineering departments. A configurable task management feature allows users to view information concerning their assigned tasks. NCheck has the ability to link to detailed work instructions associated with specific tasks.


NThread links as-manufactured data with as-maintained data providing a complete digital thread for the sustainment phase of a product’s lifecycle. Organizations working toward Model Based Enterprise (MBE) practices are adopting the software as a core technology that supplies the central fiber of the Digital Thread. It creates a central, secure and scalable location to store 3D data and interface with enterprise systems. NThread supplies a detailed description of part/aircraft history to deliver the right information to the right place at the right time.