The NLign Product Suite 7.0 Takes Off!

Are you frustrated with missing production schedules? Are you agonizing over work in process and scrap costs? NLign can help.

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NLign Expedites Quality Data for Advanced Manufacturing

NLign’s suite of tools provides an immersive 3D environment that allows you to collect and visualize your manufacturing data, providing unique insights into your manufacturing processes. Major commercial and military aircraft manufacturing facilities have demonstrated cost savings and improved rates. Specifically:

  • Northrop Grumman documented a 33% reduction in Material Review Board time on the F-35 line.
  • Spirit Aerosystems drastically reduced scrap and rework on their 787 fabrication line.

NLign Analytics enjoys a long history as an aerospace technology pioneer. Originally developed in collaboration with the US Air Force and Navy to improve their aircraft availability, NLign software tools are now used on both military and commercial aircraft. The US Department of Defense recently recognized NLign as part of their 2018 Digital Engineering Strategy.

The NLign Product Suite 7.0 release introduces a new environment that connects the Digital Thread from operations to engineering. Digital Artifacts created with NDI technology, photos, tablets, kiosks or workstations show in real time—mapped onto 3D models in the engineering environment. With our NCheck tablet software, operations can view live 3D images, dispositions and analysis results.

  • Decrease aircraft backlog orders by digitizing manufacturing inspection processes
  • Improve production rates by ensuring the authoritative digital record is captured, archived and analyzed
  • Ensure production quality is enhanced by early and exact location identification of defects, discrepancies and repairs

“The culmination of the different data sets into one graphic image literally gives us layers of damages, inspections, and analysis to look at. You can see it all at one time and get a comprehensive understanding of what your repair might impact, or what the damage impacted, and get a better, more complete repair.”
—Gabe Draguicevich, Engineering Technologist, NAVAIR

Proven Software Tools Solve Manufacturing Challenges

Already in use across the aerospace industry, the Product Suite demonstrates proven results and answers multiple problems. Various manufacturing roles face different challenges, concerns and problems.

Manufacturing Role Role Challenges, Concerns and Problems
OEM/Customer Aircraft safety and quality. Scheduling and parts rate to meet demand. Cost.
Factory Manager Missed delivery schedules and quality goals. Over cost-not profitable. Delayed delivery.
Quality Manager Delivery of safe aircraft/parts. Undetected defect.
Factory Planning Late finds in a manufacturing process problem. Parts waiting for Material Review Board; High Work in Process costs. Must inform my customer of delay to manufacture replacement of scrapped $100K part.
MRB/Quality Engineers Poor data quality: incomplete and inaccurate. Free-form text description is difficult for trending and other analysis. Delays in receiving inspection data.
Mechanics Length of time: taking too long to document work/findings.
Inspectors Computer tools are hard to use. Can’t specify what information Engineering department needs. Turnbacks: back and forth communications with Engineering.

Regardless of your role and specific set of challenges, NLign’s Product Suite advances manufacturing data capture, collection and communication.

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