NLign Analytics Platform Named as Innovative Component of Key Department of Defense Initiative

NLign Analytics, the leader in digitizing inspection, maintenance and manufacturing data solutions, is recognized as an innovative part of the Department of Defense (DoD) Digital Engineering Strategy. Designed to ensure continued technological superiority, the initiative will advance the department’s engineering practice by transforming engineering procedures to digital engineering practices. Incorporating technical innovation, such as NLign software, into an integrated, digital, model-based approach is key to the Defense Department’s digital engineering goal to connect the digital and physical worlds across a system’s lifecycle.

A recent A-10 aircraft program is given as an example of how technical innovation can enable this initiative. According to the US Department of Defense, early design of the aircraft was based on 2D drawings.  A recent A-10 Wing Replacement Program generated approximately 10,000 unique 3D CAD models that represented the as-designed aircraft structure. The innovative NLign software was then used to track the structure of each aircraft over it in-service life by mapping repairs onto the CAD models. The combination of these models and the mapped repairs represent the digital thread for the lifecycle sustainment phase and laid the foundation for A-10 engineering data management.

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