NLign 6.9 Released

With the Release of NLign 6.9, Etegent made a significant change in how trendables are handled within the application.  While these changes do not significantly change the NLign user interface, it did provide a great deal of flexibility and power to system administrators in defining trendable types.  These changes allowed system administrators to set up the sharing or copying of data between trendables of different trendable types.  This allows data to be entered once, for things such as flight hours or bladder set used in manufacturing, and for that data to be shared with other trendables without needing to be enter the data again and again.  System administrators can also define for each trendable type: buttons to appear on the Trendable Creation window; various rules; email notifications; and various behaviors such as associated assets.

With 6.9, system administrators also will have the very same control over serial number entities as they have had in the past over other trendable types.  System administrators are able to define it just like all other trendable types.

  • Other Changes
  • Drop down lists now contain filtering capability.
  • Ability to select and edit trendables from the History tab in the Trendable Creation/Edit window.
  • Attachments now will have a folder structure.
  • Ability to assign the x, y, and z location values while importing trendables using a Part Number in model.
  • Ability to hold trendables when filtering.  This allows users the ability to select trendables to keep in the Trending Results window and View Model regardless of filter being used.
  • Displaying the name of the selected model within the View Model window.
  • Ability to right click to create new asset folders- import asset folder structure by drag/drop from file system.
  • Ability to switch asset types from within the asset folder dialog.
  • Ability to edit asset folders from within the trendable creation dialog.
  • Ability to copy field fields from an existing trendable.
  • Ability to link field values to an existing trendable.
  • Ability to search with copied/linked field values.
  • Ability to multi-select fields when adding to a trendable type.
  • Ability to export model names to CSV.
  • Ability to populate a List with the contents of a CSV column.
  • On-screen display of trendable field values in the View Model window and in the Trendable Detail View tab.
  • New toolbar item to create trendables.
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