NLign 6.8 Released

NLign 6.8 has been released with the following updates/new features:

Camera Integration

  • Added a button to launch the PC’s camera from the Trendable Creation window.
  • While the Trendable Creation dialog is open, all photos captured with the PC’s camera application are automatically be attached to the trendable.
  • Attached photos are named according to the meta-data entered for the trendable.
  • The photo naming rules supports specifying the current attached photo count and total attached photo count.

Online/Offline Functionality

  • NLign has some capability to operate when not connected to a network. This capability is enabled from the Network tab of the NLign Configurator.
  • Users have the ability to add new serial numbers or make changes to existing serial numbers while offline.
  • Users have the ability to add new trendables while offline.
  • Users have the ability to sync the activities performed while offline when they start NLign online or at any point while using NLign online.
  • Users have the ability to clear any activities performed off offline at any point before syncing with NLign online.

Trendable/Asset Associations

  • Limit trendable types in the filter’s selection dialog to those associated with the selected asset(s).
  • Limit the columns displayed in the Trending Results table to those associated to trendable type(s) of the selected asset(s).


  • NOT operator added to the Advanced Filter Mode.
  • Ability to assign a unique identifier to a trendable based upon administrator defined rules.
  • Ability to link one or more trendables to other trendables using the record identifier or a unique identifier.
  • Allow administrator to define emails to be sent to selected users when a trendables are created, updated, or deleted.
  • Allow damage mapping on images not attached to a serial number.
  • Display Volumetric Clusters of trendables on the 3D view. These are transparent spheres to the next reflects the difference in the number of trendables in the cluster.


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