NLign 6.5.0 Software Release

Nlign release that added:

Damage Mapping

  • Adding ability to define reference lines for use in mapping.
  • Adding ability to use reference lines and points to align images to models.
  • Allowing users to use pictures that have already been aligned to create new trendables.
  • Improving the magic wand tool to provide greater control and dynamic adjustment of tolerance level. Constrains area based upon the model.
  • Allowing users to show existing annotations for selected serial number.

Trending Filter

  • Allowing user to use “contains” or “does not contain” when using custom list fields.
  • Allowing user to filter by Asset type.


  • Allowing users to merge one or more trendables together. This includes merging any annotations for the trendables being merged.
  • Allowing system administrators define multi-line text fields.
  • Allowing system administrator to set required custom fields by trendable type.
  • Allowing system administrator to set the hover over help text for custom fields by trendable type.


  • Improved support for PATRAN models.
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