NLign 6.3.0 Software Release

NLign release that added:
Digital Cameras

  • Allowing all users to view available Digital Cameras.
  • Allowing the assignment of permissions for administration of Digital Cameras.


  • Enhanced session validation report.
  • Enabling user to delete all data in a folder.
  • Appropriately set the default parameter selection when opening a session.
  • Allowing user to bypass the session file browser when selecting Open Scan.


  • Removing filename length limit when attaching files to trendables.
  • Providing a more meaningful error when session date is blank.
  • Trendable export to IGES format.
  • Allowing for display of named regions in trendable creation via stored view.

Damage Mapping

  • Allowing for creation of annotation via the center point locator tool.
  • Center the brush cursor more accurately when drawing on model.
  • Additional options available when importing reference points.
  • Improving selection logic when reference points share the same location.


  • Allowing for auto running of the NLignMonitor, triggered by polling directories.
  • Capturing and report root mean squared error for alignments.
  • Maping subscan data based upon parent scan alignment.
  • Auto detection of inspection system based upon APRT information.
  • Improving annotation locations by leveraging annotation groups.
  • Capturing and report the modified date of organizer configurations.


  • Improving application performance by removing unnecessary service calls.
  • Capturing the username os the user for all files added to NLign.
  • Allowing administrator to download the NLign server log via NLign.
  • Allowing NLign Support Packager to better locate necessary support files.
  • Allowing for improved user control of logging level.
Support Services